Frequently Asked Questions

What is On Street Media?

We are advertisers that put current infrastructure at intersections to good use, creating a must-see attraction for oncoming travelers. Our patented technology utilizes four-sided backlit LED displays to create a 360-degree experience.

How do we do it?

We place the displays on traffic control cabinets at intersections, yielding longer viewing time for consumers than a traditional billboard at a fraction of the price. Visibility, aesthetics, and cost-efficiency set our product apart from every competitor in outdoor advertising.

Where are we?

Our eye-catching technology is already available in Osceola County, City of Apopka, Brevard County and we’ll be opening new offices across Florida in early 2021, from Southwest Florida to Northeast Florida.

Why outdoor advertising?

Whether driving, biking, or being a passenger, people are always going somewhere. Yet there is a lot of down time while in transit: stop lights and traffic jams create a lot of wait time which leads us to look and see what is around us. This makes outdoor advertising a unique opportunity to grab consumer attention.

How many sides are visible?

Our boards are capable of showing up to 3 advertisements.

How big is the advertisement?

Each location includes approximately 50 sq. feet of visibility

Is it digital?

Currently, all our advertising is static and powered by backlights.

What does it cost?

Prices depend on many factors including location. However, our advertising is less expensive than most forms of outdoor advertising. Contact us directly for a quote.